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2016 Komen San Francisco Bay Area Race for the Cure

Team BBC

Join Team BBC to celebrate that Becca's Beating Cancer and help us raise money and support to find a cure for breast cancer! We're looking for runners, walkers, and cheerleaders to join us on Sunday, September 25th in San Francisco to support Becca's courageous journey!

We hope you join us for the race and for some celebration following the race in San Francisco!

And a special message from Becca:

This week marks the fourth anniversary of my, totally unexpected, diagnosis with breast cancer.  As the girls were both so young, you can imagine that we were devastated by the news (not seeing them grow up was un-thinkable).  We were so new to Bay Area and knew virtually no-one.  Dave was working in India at the time so when I had to go and meet the surgeons and hear about my options I had to ask an unsuspecting Mum, whom I had met just the weekend before at some kid’s birthday party, to go with me and take some notes.  She has since become a wonderful friend (well, I did show her my boobs on our first ‘date’!!).   The following year consisted of 3 surgeries, 4 awful months of chemotherapy (where I contracted every side-effect known to man), trips to the ER, a blood transfusion and some serious weight and hair loss.  
Now is the time to try to make sure that no-one else has to endure what I, and so many others, have been through.  Every day that I get to spend with my family and friends, and one day closer to my first goal of 5 years 'cancer free' is a gift.  I feel healthy and extremely grateful for the care and support that I have received through it all. I have committed my career to searching for a cure for this disease. I encourage you to join our team for this year's Race for the Cure. So come along and race, run or walk with the team and together we can work towards improving screening, treatment and hopefully, one day, finding a cure.
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